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Computer and Network backup services are absolutely a must in today’s business environment. TKS works with clients on a daily basis to emphasize the critical nature of backing up your system on a regular basis. “Keeping you safe and secure” Getting and keeping your system backed up is the single most important thing that we can do on an ongoing basis to ensure the success of your business and that your data will be available when you need it. Most business owners / managers do not take this serious enough, without backup they will not be able to recover work done yesterday, last week or even ten years ago, unless the backup system you are using is well planned and thought out strategy.
For example, if your server crashed today and many will, how long would it take you to have that server back up and running with all your data, server operating system, system drivers, windows updates, users added, drives mapped, applications installed & configured, security and passwords all re-entered for all users. This process could easily take a week, even if you did not lose core day-to-day data. The backup of your server and even the workstations, needs to be a bootable backup, one that can be used to bring back everything, like it never happened. We offer our clients backup systems & Disaster Recovery, with system backups on an hourly basis during working hours.
We offer our clients with real monitored backup solutions. Yes it’s true, a real person checking your backup five days per week. We keep a daily log documenting your backup status and when problems arise we automatically assign a service ticket and a technician will resolve the problem immediately whether on-site or remotely. Most business owners do not know that backup systems give a lot of problems and need a lot of attention and if not done competently they are at great risk. The cost for not getting it right can be devastating, see section below for more information.
Many business owners assume that an employee is handling the backup…. 9 times out of 10 they are doing what they have always done and don’t find out till its too late that the backup is not usable. backup system is failing and not running but user continues to swap-out external hard drives -or– other backup media but later finds out the media’s blank, no way to recover usually after a major hard drive failure. In some cases the backup system is running but, the wrong information is being backed up. Many times the latest backup is not taken off-site, then with a fire for theft everyone has a bad day, a real bad day. Many backup strategies do not have any retention time built in to the backup system. This means you cannot go back more than one or two days to recover a critical file that was deleted last week and the boss will not be happy. Many people do not realize that when files and databases are left open running, the backup system will skip them and you will not be able to recover them (unless they have the right system from TKS). We have seen dental offices that use Denrix and Eaglesoft databases that are never backed up because the database is not stopped prior to the backup. A proper backup plan will either stop these databases prior to backup then restart them or a backup system will be in place that can backup and open file(s) and is verified following each backup.
We have years and years of experience working with all of the latest state-of-the-art software and hardware systems. Don’t reinvent the wheel and repeat lessons already learned in the industry. Let us put our experience to work for your business and eliminate the hassle of worrying about your backup system and strategy! We have found another devastating statistic over the last several years 9 out of 10 “new “ customers that we visit do not have a backup that they could depended on in a crisis. It is our goal to fix this HUGE problem! When we question new or potential customers about their backup system we are “amazed” by the similar response received time after time


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